Nick VonFeldt

Co-Founder & Private Investigator

Nick VonFeldt is an experienced criminal defense Investigator and co-founder of VonFeldt & Beatty Investigations, Inc. VonFeldt graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2005, and completed an investigative internship with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office that same year. Immediately after his internship, VonFeldt became a criminal defense Investigator for Colorado’s Alternate Defense Counsel where he worked for one year before accepting a full-time position with the Public Defender’s Office in Arapahoe County.

During his time in Arapahoe County, VonFeldt investigated all types of cases, including - but not limited to- Sexual Assault, Aggravated Robbery, Kidnapping, and Homicide. He also spent 18 months working on a sensitive capital murder case without garnering attention from the media.

VonFeldt has been an Investigator of the Year Nominee and has attended numerous trainings provided by the Alternate Defense Counsel and the Public Defender’s Office. VonFeldt offers help locating witnesses, conducting intensive interviews, viewing and documenting evidence, collecting records, documenting crime scenes, writing mitigation reports, preparing trials, organizing volume-intense discovery, and testifying.

VonFeldt is licensed as a Private Investigator II for the State of Colorado and is approved as an Investigator for Alternate Defense Counsel. He is also a member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. He strongly believes in every client’s right to a vigorous defense, and he looks forward to helping you.